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Develop Confidence! Parents report a HUGH boost in confidence when their kids become involved in cheerleading. Cheer encourages each individual to use their strengths to contribute to their team. Kids develop confidence in themselves and their team mates as they work towards common goals. 


Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling is Muskoka's first competitive cheerleading club offering quality cheerleading programs to local families. Cheerleading is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and offers endless benefits to participants. We endeavour to make quality, fun, meaningful cheer programming accessible to all families. Join us!

Learn Team Work! Cheerleaders don't just lift each other up; they  lift each other off the ground! The trust, commitment and team work needed to do this safely and confidently cannot be found in any other sport. Teammates develop a relationship unlike any other. Cheerleading only works when teammates cooperate and collaborate. 
Build Friendships! Cheer friends are the best friends! The relationships cheerleaders build on the floor are built for life. The inclusive nature of cheer forces athletes of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to trust and rely on each other in a way that is unique and beautiful! Friends made on cheer teams last a lifetime.
Tumbling Classes
Tumbling is a big part of competitive cheerleading. In routines, cheerleaders are scored on their tumbling skills as well as their stunting. At Muskoka Elite, our tumbling classes are designed to teach rolls, cartwheels, & walkovers to beginners of all ages, focusing on the fundamental movements of cheer to help prepare participants for more-advanced skills. Ready to register? Click here.

Check Out Cheer!

November 19 & 26.Come try cheerleading to get a taste of what it is all about! No experience necessary. Kids will try stunting, tumbling, pyramids, and dance in a fun learning environment. Join us!  Learn more.

Winter Recreational Cheerleading

Try cheer in 2020! This class is a great introduction to cheerleading for kids who want to learn the basics. Learn to tumble, stunt, jump and dance. Participants will learn a short cheerleading routine and perform it on the last day! Learn more. 

2019/2020 Program Handbook

Review all competitive team details


Why join a team?
1. Learn the value of team work
2. Create a routine with friends and compete together
3. Feel like part of a team and work towards common goals
4. Learn to be reliable, responsible, and committed
5. Push yourself and your team mates past your limits
6. Exercise regularly and enjoy fitness with friends
7. Put on a uniform and be part of something great!

The best way to experience cheerleading is to join a team!

Choose a Team!

Mini Minnows, Ages 6-8
Sat 10:00a-12:00p
Sept 2019 to Feb 2020
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Junior Dawn, Ages 9-14
Sat 1:00-3:00pm
Sept 2019 to Feb 2020
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Shooting Stars, Ages 7-11
Wed 6:30-8:30p & Sun 4:30-6:30p
June 2019 to April 2020
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Senior Hawks, Ages 12-17
Mon 7:00-9:00p & Sun 6:30-8:30p
June 2019 to April 2020
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Please review our 2019/2020 Program Handbook for all important information related to competitive teams at Muskoka Elite. All dates, times, costs, commitments, competitions, and relevant information for our 2019/2020 season will be found in the Handbook. Download your copy today!

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Updated May 19, 2019
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Be a leader in sport in Muskoka while empowering young minds to trust the learning process, believe in themselves, and achieve their goals.

To foster competence, confidence, and passion in young people while creating meaningful, memorable experiences.

Have Fun. Strive to make every experience fun for yourself and those around you.
Be Accountable. Own your commitments. Deliver results; not excuses. 
Be Determined. Enjoy the learning process. Work hard and pursue success through failures. 
Be Responsible. Manage your little piece of the world and make it shine!
Celebrate Success. Achieve your goals with pride and revel in your successes with loved ones.

What to Wear?

Got Questions?
Contact Coach Tony anytime. He is always happy to answer your questions.

Tony Bentley
Owner & Head Coach
(705) 706-1045

Try a cheer practice!
You are invited to try a cheerleading practice in June, July & August! Simply register for Check Out Cheer. We will contact you to arrange a time to attend a real cheerleading practice.

Learn Commitment! Cheer is a very team-centred sport and requires a strong commitment from all team members. Girls and boys learn to be reliable and to rely on their friends. Cheer teams what work hard and stay committed to their training experience amazing success. 
Meaningful Memories! Life is not about what you do. Rather life is about the people you do it with. Cheer provides endless opportunities for amazing experiences with friends and team mates. These experiences become memories that last a lifetime.  

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