Annual Memberships

Muskoka Elite is a proud member and supporter of the Ontario Cheer Federation and Cheer Canada. These two entities are our Provincial and National Sport Organizations respectively and provide structure, governance, oversight, and international representation for Canadian cheerleading. 

As the beginning of the cheer season approaches, all star, prep cheer & novice cheer families must purchase their annual cheer memberships from Cheer Canada and the Ontario Cheer Federation.

In previous years, these sport organizations have allowed cheer gyms to register memberships on their customers’ behalf. However, this year, both organizations have changed their approach and require individual families to complete their own membership purchases online.

Instructions to complete this process are below. As a result of this shift, Muskoka Elite will reduce commitment fees by $17.73 this season to offset the purchase price of the membership fee.

Please complete your membership purchase prior to August 28.

Memberships & Prices

Ontario Cheer Federation - $8.50/year

Cheer Canada - $7.50/year

Processing fee - $1.73

TOTAL - $17.73

Note, for convenience these membership are purchased at the same time


Step 1. Click here to open the Registration Portal

Step 2. Create an account for your family

Step 3. Register each athlete in your family designating them as follows:

OCF Cheer Annual Membership &

Athlete - All Star (for our purposes here, this includes Prep & Novice members)

Step 4. Select "Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling" as your club affiliation

Step 5. Select your level of competition as follows and complete your additional membership information:

Tiny Twinkles - Novice

Mini Minnows - Prep 1

Shooting Stars - Level 1

Junior Hawks - Level 1

Aurora - Level 3.0

Step 6. Proceed to check out and complete the online waiver. 


Note, please forward your confirmation email to

for our records. Thanks!