Program Handbook


Muskoka Elite recognizes that some families have suffered financially due to COVID-19. We have implemented a series of initiatives to make cheer accessible to all Muskoka families in Season 2:

- Reduced practices times for reduced tuition
- Tumbling training is optional for all teams
- Combination of virtual and in-person practices to reduce weekly commutes
- Fewer competitions
- Fewer fixed team costs (music, choreography, etc)
- Modest practice gear and fewer pieces
- End-of-month billing to mitigate schedule interruptions
- Uniform & Jacket cycle will be extended to 2023

Season 2 Program Handbook
Now Available

Our 2020-2021 Program Handbook is now available for download. Please review it for all details relating to practice times, costs, commitments, and policies relating to our 2020-2021 competitive season. 


Got Questions?
Contact Coach Tony anytime. He is always happy to answer your questions.

Tony Bentley
Owner & Head Coach
(705) 706-1045

Online Team Tryouts


Muskoka Elite is now accepting new athletes for the 2020-2021 season! Please submit a tryout video and we will assign you to a team with teammates of a similar age and ability level. Everyone is accepted to a team. No one is excluded!

Expected Teams

Tiny Twinkles, Ages 4&5
Mini Minnows, Ages 6-8
Shooting Stars, Ages 8-12
Junior Hawks, Ages 10-16
Open 2/3 Non-Tumbling Aurora, Ages 16+
Adult Rec, Ages 18+

Submit a Tryout Video

Step 1, Register Online

- Visit our registration page

- Register online for the appropriate tryout based on your age

Step 2, Record Your Tryout Video (3 mins or less, please)

- Tryout Videos should include following elements:

- Bridge (back bend). Hold for 10 seconds*

- Handstand, belly to wall. Hold for 20 seconds

- Right, left, and centre splits. Hold 10 seconds each
- 10 pushups & 10 situps

- Forward roll (somersault)

- Cartwheel (good leg)

- Backwalkover*

- Frontwalkover*

- Any other tumbling you would like to show us

*Items are not required for ages 5 and under

Note, only demonstrate the skills you CAN EXECUTE SAFELY. If you are not able to do a skill, please skip it. Remember to warm up and stretch prior to executing tumbling skills. Please choose a soft surface with plenty of space to demonstrate tumbling skills. 

Step 3, Submit Your Tryout Video Online

- Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Drop Box, or Google Drive

- Submit your video link using the form below 

- Click Here to access the video submission form

- Make sure the link sharing settings allow for public viewing


Video Submission Deadline: June 8, 2020 at midnight

Team Rosters will be posted at on June 12 at noon!

Teams will begin virtual training the week of June 15, 2020. 

Sample Tryout Video!