Competition Day Information

Muskoka Elite's competition dates are as follows:
(See Program Handbook, page 9)

What To Wear & What to Bring

See the graphic below for details of what to wear and how to do your make up. If you have any questions, please speak with your coach or team mom. Make up kits are available for pre-order each year in November. Limited quantities are available for purchase at the gym. 

Next Competition: Cheer for the Cure
Date: December 3 & 4

Location: Tribute Communities Centre, Oshawa

Schedule: See Below

Tickets & Spectator Info: Click Here


- Arrive at your team's meet time! Please do not be late

- Wear purple and a smile!
- We encourage you to share videos so you can watch routines
- Make lots of noise when the MC announces team names!
- Clap and make noise through the entire routine! Give the teams lots of support
- Clap to the beat during each team's dance
- This is not golf. Be loud! It is a spirit sport
- At the end of the routine let them know how great they did!
- Be positive when discussing and watching all teams; all star, rec, and prep. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
- Please refrain from walking around the venue during a routine. Remain in your seat until the current performance is completed, then move if you need to. Show respect for all routines and use the breaks between to move around the event.- If you have any questions about the event, its performances, or the judge's comments, please direct them to gym management.

- Athletes are dismissed after their awards. If your coach plans to dismiss the team back to families between their performance and their awards, the coach will communicate that to you via your team Facebook Group. All athletes are expected to attend their awards session in uniform.