All fitness classes run on a drop-in basis. 

Purchase any pass in person at our front desk to participate in our drop-in fitness classes: 

20 Class Fitness Pass: $189+HST
10 Class Fitness Pass: $99+HST

*Note, all star athletes have a 20 Class Pass included in the annual fees. Prep cheer athletes have a 10 Class Pass included in their annual fees. 


Strength & Conditioning (55 mins)

Improve your strength and endurance! Join our strength and conditioning instructor for an hour-long, cross-fit-style workout complete with strength training and cardiovascular exercises. 

Fabulous Flexibility (55 mins)

Maximize your flexibility with our stretching class designed to improve splits and shoulder mobility. The 55 minute class includes a warm up and detailed instruction on how to safely and effectively improve your flexibility quickly! 

Flight School (55 mins)

Calling all flyers! This is the class for you! Join our experienced flyer instructor for classes to improve your balance, coordination, and spacial awareness while learning how to improve your body positions. Don't miss out!


Fall 2022, Sept 25 to Dec 18

Strength & Conditioning Classes

- Sunday 11:00am (weekly) 

Fabulous Flexibility

- Sunday 12:00pm (weekly)

Flight School

- Sunday 11:00am (weekly)

*Note, Monday Strength and Conditioning classes will run on Oct 3, Oct 17, Nov 14, Nov 28, & Dec 12.