“Activities.” Including but not limited to cheerleading training, tumbling classes, private lessons, fitness classes, flexibility training, dance, team practice(s), group training, open gym, competition(s), performance(s), public exhibition(s), demonstration(s), and community event(s).
“Participant.” The individual, minor, adult, child, son or daughter whose name is below and who plans to participate in Activities at Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling.
“Releasees.” Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling and all its affiliates including coaches, parents, directors, owners, employees, Participants, governing associations, insurance providers, competition providers, and third party service providers including but not limited to choreography companies and camp/instruction organizations.
“Muskoka Elite.” The corporation registered in Ontario, Canada under the name Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling Ltd.

Emergency Medical Authorization
In emergencies, I hereby grant Muskoka Elite permission to call the appropriate emergency medical services as required including paramedic services. I give permission for Muskoka Elite to seek medical assistance where required in any circumstances it deems necessary and appropriate. I understand Muskoka Elite will make a reasonable effort to contact me in the event of an emergency. I understand that Muskoka Elite is not liable for any losses or costs arising from a emergencies including but not limited to the costs of emergency medical services and agree to pay the costs arising from emergency transportation and/or treatment of the Participant. Moreover, I hereby authorize basic first aid and CPR to be delivered to the Participant by the Muskoka Elite staff and/or coaches. I acknowledge and understand that Muskoka Elite neither warrants nor assumes liability of any kind in relation to administration of basic first aid or CPR.

Fees & Charges
I agree to pay all fees incurred by or on behalf of the Participant, including but not limited to registration fees, class fees, late payment charges, competition entry fees, travel expenses, merchandise costs. I understand that Muskoka Elite may at its discretion commence proceedings or engage a debt collector to recover fees outstanding for a period in excess of sixty (60) days. I understand and agree to pay the costs and/or losses related to debt recovery.

Privacy & Personal Information
I authorize Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling to collect and use my personal information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario and the The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. I consent for coaches and staff at Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling to access my personal information. I understand that my personal contact information may be used for matters specifically related to participation in all star cheerleading including to register the Participant with authorized competition companies, governing organizations, insurance providers, parents’ association for fundraising and related communications, Team Moms, and authorized representatives of Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling.

Photo & Video
I understand and acknowledge that Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling is authorized to capture photographs, video recordings, and other likenesses of the Participant for use in newsletters, promotional material, website, social media platforms and other media for publication. I understand and acknowledge that Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling owns all rights, titles and interests of such media, photography, videos, and likenesses and I hereby waive any right to ownership and/or compensation thereto. Special requests to cease use of a given photograph, video, or likeness may be sent in writing to

Assumption of Risk
I acknowledge that participation in activities at Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling including but not limited to cheerleading training, tumbling classes, private lessons, fitness classes, flexibility training, dance, team practices, group training, open gym, competition, performances, public exhibitions, demonstrations, and community events (collectively, the "Activities") carry with them reasonable and inherent risks, dangers and hazards, both known and unknown, that are associated with the unique nature of the sport. I acknowledge that personal harm, illness, and/or injury may be sustained by Participants including serious and/or catastrophic injury and possibly death. I assume all risks, losses, damages, and liability incurred by the Participant resulting from or relating to the Activities.

Muskoka Elite Brand

The Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling brand has been carefully designed and crafted to enhance our success as a leader in sport and as such is regarded as a valuable asset of the program. Use of the brand is strictly limited to Muskoka Elite and its owner(s) and/or director(s). Unauthorized use of our name, logo, slogans, chants, cheers, team names or hashtags is prohibited. Without exception, permission must be obtained in writing from Muskoka Elite's owner(s) and/or director(s) prior to use of our brand on any merchandise regardless of commercial or personal use. 

Waiver of Liability
I hereby agree that I and my heirs, next of kin, successors, assigns, executors, and administrators do fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling and all its affiliates including coaches, parents, directors, owners, employees, Participants, governing associations, insurance providers, competition providers, and third party service providers including but not limited to choreography companies and camp/instruction organizations (collectively, the "Releasees") as well as their heirs, successors, next of kin, assigns, executors, and administrators from liability relating to illness and/or injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic and/or death) arising from negligence, loss, and/or expenses arising out of the Activities related to cheerleading.

I acknowledge that the ACTIVITIES require supervision of a qualified instructor, coach, employee or supervisor. Coaches and instructor may engaging in spotting which involves direct physical contact with the Participant for the purposes of learning and safety. I consent to the same. I acknowledge that the Participant has read and is informed of the gym rules below and agrees to abide by them at all times. I acknowledge that parents and Participants have read and are informed of Muskoka Elite’s policies, available at and as published in our annual Program Handbook, and agree to abide by them at all times as a condition of participation at Muskoka Elite. Failure to abide by these rules and policies could result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from Muskoka Elite. I acknowledge that the Participant is in good health and proper physical condition to engage in the Activities listed above and I agree to notify Muskoka Elite of any changes in the Participants mental or physical health and agree that such changes may affect the Participant’s participation.

Gym Rules

1. Participants acknowledge the risks of injury associated with cheer and dance will pay careful attention to staff instructions.
2. Only indoor footwear, socks or bare feet are allowed in the gym.
3. The viewing area, change rooms, cubby area and washrooms must be kept clean.
4. Only water is permitted in the gym area. Empty bottles must be put in recycling. Personal water bottles must be removed every day.
5. Athletes must have a coach present before training skills or using any equipment.
6. To avoid injury, a proper warm­ up is required before training. No exceptions.
7. Any injury, acute or chronic pain must be reported to coaching staff.
8. Parents and/or guardians are not allowed on the training or competition floor unless explicitly invited by coaching staff.
9. Hair must be tied back and should not cause distraction during training. Coaches will determine acceptable hairstyles.
10. Jewelry is not allowed. Earrings, rings, necklaces, body piercings, anklets, bracelets and watches are not to be worn. Per the International All Star Federation rules, jewellery is not permitted to be worn at practices. This is a safety concern and exceptions will not be made. In instances of new piercings that require time to heal, families have two options at their disposal in the short term. 1) Ear piercings can be taped with athletic wrapping tape typically available for purchase at a local Shoppers Drug Mart. Participants should tape over the piercing with several layers (3 or 4) to ensure it is secure and not at risk of being caught on clothing and torn out, and not at risk of harming other participants. 2) Participants can replace their earrings with a clothing tag barb. A clothing tag barb is the thin plastic piece that retailers use to attach price tags to clothing. Clip both ends of the barbs and insert them into the holes for the class. The barbs will keep the piercings open for the class and pose no risk of being ripped out or harming other participants. Typically girls like this option better as it is more discreet.*Note, these options are short-term solutions and will not be permitted long-term. Families are advised that cheerleading competitions will not allow athletes under any circumstances to enter the competition area with jewellery. Athletes found to be wearing jewellery at a competition will attract a safety deduction for their team.
11. All athletes must wear appropriate clothing to training. Competitive athletes must wear their designated practice apparel to training. Recreational participants should wear athletic shorts, a t-shirt and clean indoor shoes.
12. Athletes should refrain from training in the competitive uniforms.
13. Use of the equipment is strictly forbidden without the proper supervision of a qualified Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling staff member.
14. Muskoka Elite coaches and staff are responsible for the gym and its activities. Coaches and staff have the authority to refuse or expel participants from the gym if and when they deem necessary.
15. Dangerous, silly, or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated at anytime.
16. Open Gym is for ages six and up. Participants six and under are encouraged to attend Daytime Playtime.
17. All accidents or incidents must be reported to a Muskoka Elite staff member immediately.
18. Equipment is to be returned to its place by the user.
19. One athlete at a time on equipment and/or drills. Participants must refrain from trying new skills unless directly supervised by a certified coach.
20. No outside shoes of any kind are allowed in the gym including dress shoes, boots or dirty runners.
21. Clothing should be presentable, tasteful, and family appropriate.
22. No food or drink including gum and candy is allow in the gym. Water is allowed.
23. When and if required, Muskoka Elite Staff will implement the emergency policy and procedures.
24. All equipment including balls, sponges, hoops, skipping ropes, etc should be put away when not in use.
25. Mats and tumbling aides should be in place at all times for safety.
26. Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling is a nut-free program. Products containing nuts are not allowed at Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling.
27. Siblings of athletes not participating in our programs must remain in the foyer area with a parent/guardian at all times.
28. Muskoka Elite Cheer & Tumbling is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen.


Recreational Classes.

Recreational programs are charged by the session. Families are required to remit payment in full twenty-one (21) days prior to the class start date. Families who do not submit payment for classes prior to the session start date may be removed from the class and their position filled from the waitlist. Muskoka Elite understands that occasionally families apply for funding through Kidsport, JumpStart and other NGOs. Tuition is to be received prior the start of the first class. Once funding has been approved and received, it will be applied to the family account as a credit to be used for following tuition charges. Families attending sessional classes may withdraw twenty-one (21) days prior to the start date without penalty. Withdrawals processed less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the class start date will be processed with a 20% cancellation fee. Classes which meet at total of three (3) or fewer classes will be processed without refund. This may include, but are not limited to, Check Out Cheer classes, workshops, and/or skills clinics. As of the class start date, families may withdraw within fourteen (14) days and receive a refund with a 40% cancellation fee on classes that meet four (4) or more times. After attending two classes, withdrawals will be processed without refund.

Competitive Refunds & Withdrawals
Withdrawals will be processed with written notice from the family in question. Withdrawals received mid­-year will be processed without refund for tuition already paid and families will not be charged subsequent tuition payments. Note, registration, apparel, and competition fees are non­-refundable. Families who withdraw from an all star or prep program do so with the understanding that they forfeit any and all claims to these funds. The following fees will be refunded as detailed below:

- Enrolment Fee due June 1, 2019 is eligible for a 50% refund until June 30. After June 30, no refunds will be issued.
- 1st Commitment Fee due July 1, 2019 is eligible for a 50% refund until July 30. After July 30, no refund will be issued.
- 2nd Commitment Fee due August 1, 2019 is eligible for a 50% refund until August 30. After August 30, no refund will be issued.
- Uniform & Jacket Fees due August 15, 2019 are not eligible for a refund once the items have been purchased by Muskoka Elite.
Tuition Fees once paid are not eligible for a refund.


Athlete development involves a partnership between athletes, coaches, parents and management. To preserve a positive learning environment for all athletes, Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling has developed a set of expectations and rules of conduct for all which embodies our organizational philosophy and mirrors the code of conduct laid forth by the International All Star Federation. All stakeholders of Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling including participants, athletes, parents, guardians, family members, coaches, officials and activity hosts must act with respect for themselves, demonstrate dignity, modesty, fairness, justice, maturity, leadership, and positivity as well as demonstrate respect for others in word and in action. The same are also expected to act with respect for the gymnasium while creating an environment that is fun, safe, and conducive to learning. Athletes attending programs at Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling are expected to respect their coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, family members and themselves. While in the gym, safety is the primary responsibility of their coach. As such, athletes are expected to listen to and respect their coach’s instructions and authority at all times. Athletes are to arrive to classes and/or training in proper attire ready to work. Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling expects parents to lead by example by demonstrating respect, punctuality, sportsmanship, integrity, conflict management, commitment, determination, and teamwork. By enrolling in a program at Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling, parents agree to respect the experience, knowledge, expertise, and authority of the club’s instructors and administrative staff. Training plans are made at the sole discretion of coaches in conjunction with their program coordinators. This must be respected by all members at Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling. At no time is a parent or family member to instruct, coach or mentor any athlete on the premises. Parents are not allowed in the gymnasium at any time unless expressly invited by coaching staff. No exceptions. In cases of injury, parents are asked to refrain from attending injured athletes in the gym and respect the duty of Muskoka Elite staff and/or EMTs to manage the environment. Muskoka Elite Cheer and Tumbling kindly asks and requires that families bring a positive, friendly, part­-of­-the-­solution attitude to the gym and abstain from gossip and rumour milling. At competitions, athletes and families are expected to demonstrate leadership in sportsmanship by cheering for all Muskoka Elite teams as well as their opponents. Placements and final rankings are determined at the sole discretion of the Event Producer and its judges. These determinations are to be respected and affirmed at all times.

Updated: May 2019

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