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Nfinity Evolution with Case


One of the top brands in cheerleading, the Nfinity Evolutions are light-weight, long-lasting and durable. Come with red carrying case. 

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Varsity Cheerleader


Varsity All Star is a leader in cheer apparel. Their Cheerleader shoe is light-weight and durable at a mid-range price point. 

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Muskoka Elite places shoe orders periodically through the year. To order shoes with Muskoka Elite, review the shoes below and click "Submit Shoe Order". Your shoes will be included in our next shoe order. Depending on time of year, shoes may take several weeks to arrive. Below is a rough schedule outlining when shoe orders are placed each season. 

Next order: Due Sept 13, 2021

Arriving Oct 15-30, 2021

Basic Cheer Shoe


Muskoka Elite's basic cheer shoe is an excellent choice for beginners. These clean, white, indoor shoes are comfortable and durable, and affordable. While not as light-weight as branded cheer shoes, they are a fantastic option for new families trying cheer for the first time.

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The basic cheer shoe fits very closely to standard US-sized street shoes. Most families report the basic cheer shoes "fit tight" in their standard street shoe size. Therefore, Muskoka Elite recommends sizing up 0.5 to 1.0 sizes from your current street shoe size. 

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