Become a Team Mom

Team moms are an integral part of our program here at Muskoka Elite. Team Moms assist with communication, organization, and team planning. They plan team bonding events and coordinate with coaches to help at competitions. Would you like to be a Team Mom on your son or daughter's cheer team? Review the Team Mom duties below and submit your name to be considered for a team mom role at Muskoka Elite this year!

1. Plan fun team bonding events for your team!

- Events must be approved by coaches and management.
- Be mindful of the dates and costs involved ($15 or less per athlete)
- Ideally there should be an event planned for fall, Christmas, and year end

2. Assist with uniform sizing and/or distribution as needed

3. Post on your Team Facebook Group with updates and highlights from the weekly Trail Map or other gym communication

4. Assist promote Muskoka Elite events online, including Halloween party, theme weeks, Spirit of Muskoka, competitions, etc. 

5. Assist coaches at competitions. This may include issues with hair, makeup, no shows, missing uniform pieces, etc. Please program all parents' contact information into your cell phone to help with emergency communication. Muskoka Elite will work to secure restricted area passes for Team Moms where possible at events.

6. Carry emergency mom kits for competitions. Have bandaids, wet wipes, kleenex, hair elastics, bobby bins, mini hairspray, etc on hand just incase!

7. Be a positive role model for other parents, communicating concerns from other families to Muskoka Elite management.

8. If families would like to get their coaches gifts at Christmas or year end, team moms are a great resource to help coordinate this generosity among families. 

9. Be active on Muskoka Elite's Facebook Groups. Promote communication where ever possible!

10. Attend a strategic planning session in December each year to advise and assist with program planning for the following year.

Want to be a team mom? Submit your name here.